You can be sure that your project will be low upkeep, high quality and long lasting. Our experience in the metal fabrication industry is widespread. We manufacture metal projects in a variety of different types of materials and profiles. We also work with copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, galvanized, cold rolled and more! All of our products are manufactured using industry principles by highly experienced people that take pride in their work. Our equipment is calibrated daily to insure a quality product.

Having our own fabrication equipment allows us to customize products specifically to your roofing, siding or architectural project. With our professional fabricators and equipment we can also create chimney chase covers, chimney bonnets, decorative interior parts, scuppers, collector boxes, downspouts and more. Chances are if you can draw it, we can help with the fabrication aspect. Don’t hesitate to come to us with your questions or customized wants or needs. Below you will see the example types of services we provide here at Arc-Fab.


Arc-Fab's metal roofing generally falls into three categories: Corrugates, Standing Seam, and Metal Fascia. Often made of steel, aluminum, copper, and alloy strips, it comes in variety of shapes and textures. It's fire retardant and ultra-lightweight, about half the weight of asphalt, which makes installation easier. Versatile and stable, corrugated panels have been used for commercial buildings, farms and homes for decades. More recently, it has become popular for interior finishes. Standing seam ribbed panels run from the roof ridge down to the eaves. Between the panels are raised seams connected by fasteners which are raised above the level of the roofing. Metal fascia offers aesthetic elegance and flexible design options and high sustainability. To learn more about metal roofing systems offered by Arc-Fab. Click the links below to learn more.


When you choose metal for building siding you are choosing some of the best protection for your home, business, or ranch. Metal siding not only defines a structure's outer appearance, but offers insulation and protection as well. Metal can outlast other materials without the need to repaint or replace for decades, and is an ideal choice in hail-prone, heavy snowfall, wildfire, or high wind areas. Steel, aluminum or copper siding panels can become a highlightable feature of a build with its structural, eye-catching lines that compliment wood or stone. Rustic, modern, industrial, or agricultural. Metal is showing up in cities, planned communities, farms, industrial builds, and educational projects across the country. Click the link below to learn more.


Extraordinary environments are created with extraordinary details, decorative architectural panels, entryway and window accents, custom roof details, interior room dividers, and original artwork will help shape any space to suit your priorities. The care with which Arc-Fab's designs, produces and installs your creations will elevate the aesthetics of any building or project inside and out.